Is Life Coaching the same thing as Therapy?

While there may be an overlap in skill sets, a Life Coach and a Therapist provide very different services. Life Coaches typically work with clients who are not in crisis and who are ready to take action and would like accountability and support to keep moving them forward.

What are situations when therapy might be a better option?

 Issues of abuse, addiction, depression, and childhood trauma will be better served through therapeutic counseling sessions rather than Life Coaching.

How will I know if Life Coaching is a good fit for me?

If you choose to work with me, we will engage in a free exploratory session. During this time we will discover what kind of help would be most helpful, and I will share my expectations of clients. We will look at your goals and challenges and come to a mutual determination of whether working together will be beneficial.

What does it cost?

I offer several packages and am happy to answer questions so that you can make an informed choice. If none of my standard packages seem to be a good fit, we can figure out a flexible plan that best suits your needs.

Where do we meet?

If you are in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we’ll meet at my office at 2945 44th Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN, 55406. After that we will set up a series of sessions in person or via skype or phone, or some mix of all three.

If you live outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we will conduct all of our sessions via phone or Skype. If you live near or in Santa Cruz, I am available in person for three months during the winter.

How do I get started?

Call me at (831) 234-5813 or email me at maryashakatz@gmail.com to set up an introductory appointment. (Please do not text me.)